Update: Bashteroids!

Hey guys! Guess what? Bashteroids has an update! Beyond some minor fixes (when pickups spawn, sprite color changes), there are two new major changes!

Starting at level 15, a new asteroid can appear for destruction, the phase-teroid. The phase-teroid is an asteroid composed of rocky materials along with an unheard-of element, which causes it to shift in and out of this reality, only identifiable by the dark spot it leaves behind.

Along with this new asteroid, there is a new enemy. Another in the line-up for the space bees, it is the split shot bee! This orange insectoid can fire two laser blobs in a ā€˜Vā€™ pattern, making it harder to dodge when dodging other projectiles.

Check out Bashteroids today on the Google Play Store!



Thanks for reading.


–Dr. Glovegood

Dr. Glovegood

I like gloves. I like games. I'd like to see more of these in the world.

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