Update: Bashteroids

Update! New stuff! Yes, it’s been a while, but I’m still working on Bashteroids. In an effort to continue adding to the difficulty of the game, we have some changes.

To bring the shield power-up more in line with the effectiveness of the health power-up, the number of hits the shield can take has been reduced from three to two. This is so that the health power-up, which can restore up to three hits, is not overshadowed by the shield, which could also take three hits and could be stacked.

With this minor change comes a more major change: Boss enemies. At level 10 and every ten levels thereafter, a boss enemy will spawn, for a greater challenge on your path of rock destruction. Currently, the only boss you face is the Giant Space Bee, otherwise known as Big Bertrilda. For each time you defeat a boss, they come back stronger, and in Bertilda’s case, bigger. And with friends.

This is the first of hopefully many boss enemies, so stay on the lookout!

Check out Bashteroids today on the Google Play Store!


And if you’re not a fan of playing games on your phone, Bashteroids can be played on PC!





-Dr. Glovegood

Dr. Glovegood

I like gloves. I like games. I'd like to see more of these in the world.

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