What is Bashteroids?

Bashteroids is a retro-style arcade-inspired game, where you are a pilot for the WRECK Corporation. Take control of your WRECK ship and dive through fields of asteroids, making way for an intergalactic super highway.


But be warned, as these asteroid fields are home to space bees. These space bees don’t take kindly to strangers who also happen to destroy their rocks, and will let you know of their grievances by spitting lasers at your ship. While your is rock-proof AND bee-proof, it is not laser-proof.


Bash rocks, smash bugs, and dodge lasers as you clear a path for WRECK Corp. Perform well, and your employers will send down supplies to help you continue your duties. Perform poorly, and your position as Wreck Corp. won’t be the only thing terminated.


No ads, no internet required, no social media required. Just another way to pass the time. Now in space.


Find it on the Google Play Store here:

If you want it on PC, find it at Game Jolt:


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